Taxi Limassol Service for Wine-Appreciating Tourists

A thousand reasons exist to visit Cyprus any time of year, but many people don’t go there to relax under warm, welcoming Mediterranean sun. Vineyards of Cyprus are not only an important part of the island’s export but also a crucial attraction that draws in thousands of tourists. If you want to taste the best wines Cyprus has to offer as quickly as possible without compromising convenience, choosing a reliable taxi Limassol service as Cyprus24taxi is the best choice you can make!

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30 minutes

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1 hour

68 km


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  1. Explore wines of Cyprus: Taxi Limassol
  1. 5 advantages of using Limassol taxi service
  2. Get a personal excursion in a taxi in Limassol

Explore wines of Cyprus: Taxi Limassol

About 30 high-end wineries open their doors to visitors in order to show their guests how the finest wines of the Midetenean region are made. If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or a fan of good wine, chances are you will love spending some quality time visiting the best vineyards of the island. Jump in your Cyprus taxi Limassol ride and start your journey!

Limassol taxi route for a wine tour

7 TOP Wineries to visit in a taxi Cyprus, Limassol

There are many great Cyprus wineries are considered to be amongst the best on the island. They usually make relatively small batches of wine that are partially exported or supplied to local high-end restaurants. In a taxi, Cyprus, Limassol wines will be really easy for you to obtain and taste. Here are some of them excluding the ones we will discuss in this article:

  1. Vouni Panayia;
  2. ETKO in the downtown of Limassol;
  3. LOEL also in Limassol;
  4. Makkas family winery in Statos;
  5. Tasting room of Hadjiantonas;
  6. Harma Family Winery in Limassol;
  7. Koilios Winery.

Order a taxi in Limassol Cyprus to visit Zambartas Winery

With its certificate of excellence awarded by > TripAdvisor and several exceptional tours for visitors, this particular winery is the best place to see if you are interested in how the finest wines in the world are produced and stored. A wine tour featuring tasting great wines and exploring the production facilities may cost you up to €50 but it is well worth the time and money. Order our taxi in Limassol Cyprus to get there quickly.

In a Limassol taxi to Zambartas wines

The Zambartas story is one of following a dream and the pursuit of a deeply held passion for wine. In 2006, Akis Zambartas established the family winery in the Krasochoria Wine Region of Cyprus.

— TripAdvisor

How to get there:

  • Bus to Agios Amvrosios;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Personal excursion bus;
  • Purchase a separate tour.

Limassol taxi to the Fikardos Vineyard

Many tourists consider this winery to be the best on the island. They make a variety of wines and light alcoholic beverages that will most certainly enrich your palate. Fikardos winery is also awarded the certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor and has a plethora of other awards to show off. A small shop with an outstanding selection of wines is the best place to taste these heavenly drinks.

To Fikardos in a taxi Limassol ride

How to get there:

  • Bus to Mesogi, Paphos;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Boat to Mesogi, Paphos and a 1-hour walk.

Order a taxi Limassol ride to Tsiakkas Winery

A small family-run establishment that has not only a great wine production facilities but also a nice tasting room and a tavern where you can indulge in fine dining and wine tasting. Tsiakkas is a staple destination for wine lovers. You can easily get there ahead of tourist groups if you order a taxi Limassol ride. The winery is situated in Pelendri about 36 km inland and it takes up to 1 — 2 hours to get there by bus depending on the traffic.

Take a Limassol taxi to Tsiakkas

How to get there:

  • Bus to Pelendri;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Wine tasting tour bus.

Take a nice trip to Lagria Winery

Situated in a calm spot in the downtown of Paphos, this winery is a great place to taste nice red wines and spend some time in a quiet environment. Traveling to this winery from Limassol takes about 1 hour in our Limassol taxi ride. A cozy tasting room and a huge selection of wines will most certainly charm you.

to Lagria winery in a Limassol taxi

How to get there:

  • Bus to Paphos;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Boat to Paphos and a 30-minutes walk.

An hour ride to Tsangarides Winery

If there is a place where you will be warmly welcomed and invited to taste well-aged wines in a company of kind people, Tsangarides Winery is definitely the one. Situated in a rural part near the Paphos city, this vineyard has a great field where you can find sweet grapes and an open-air tasting spot next to a spacious wine cellar. The trip to this amazing place in one of our Limassol taxi rides will take about 1 hour from the Limassol city center.

Taxi Lemesos ride to Tsangarides

How to get there:

  • Bus to Paphos;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Boat to Paphos and a 30-minutes walk.

In taxi Limassol ride to Ayia Mavri Winery

You can easily miss a small two-story building covered in greenery and situated near the Monogenis Church in the Koilani village to the north of Limassol. This is one of the best family-owned wineries that have rich traditions and nice wine production facilities. Come here in our taxi Limassol car to enjoy some of the finest wines and spend some quality time walking around the village. You can also book a personal tour.

Cyprus Limassol taxi to Ayia Mavri

How to get there:

  • Bus to Koilani village;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Wine tasting tour bus.

Take a Limassol taxi to Vlassides Winery

This winery is next to a small vineyard where you can spend some time walking in shades and tasting locally produced wines. You can order a Limassol taxi ride to Vlassides Winery and it will take about 30 minutes to get there from the downtown of Limassol. If you are interested in visiting good local businesses and enjoying wines that are shipped to all parts of Europe, don’t even think about skipping this place!

Vlassides reached by a Cyprus taxi Limassol

How to get there:

  • Bus to Koilani village;
  • Our taxi service;
  • Wine tasting tour bus.

5 advantages of using Limassol taxi service

A reliable Limassol taxi service is certainly the best way to efficienty spend your time on Cyprus. Be right on time and ride the finest cars while enjoying a pleasant view from the car’s window. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to hire a cab instead of using buses or boats.

#1 Cyprus, Limassol taxi service with a massive fleet of cars

If you travel across Cyprus, Limassol taxi service won’t disappoint. You will be surrounded by comfort and attention while enjoying a calming view from the window. Choose from a variety of cars in the fleet:

  1. Standard Mercedes sedans and estate;
  2. Premium Mercedes sedans and estate;
  3. Minivans with soft seats;
  4. Spacious buses for larger groups.

#2 Exceptional comfort in a Limassol taxi car

If you need wi-fi to use your portable device inside the vehicle, fresh water in bottles, and other amenities, just tell your personal assistant beforehand. When wine tasting is the only reason you came to the island, there is nothing better than enjoying your time in Cyprus than taxi Limassol accompanied tour.

#3 The convenience of the Taxi Limassol service

Whether you are interested in checking out the diverse wine industry of the region or enjoy exploring countless cultural landmarks, choosing CYPRUSTAXI24 is a great idea. We offer a wide range of transportation services including regular transfers, complex routes, premium escorts, minivans for families, and even buses capable of transporting up to 20 people at once!

#4 Enjoy the great customer support

You don’t want to suddenly find yourself in a situation when you cannot quickly leave a place or return to your hotel. CYPRUSTAXI24 stays in touch at all stages of your ride: from the moment you make an order and to the end of your route! Here is how you can contact the provider:

  1. Use Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram;
  2. Leave a message using the website’s live chat feature;
  3. Write an emal;
  4. Call the local phone number.

#5 Stay classy using a premium Limassol taxi car

Passengers who want to ride in comfort or need a higher class car to make business trips across the island will enjoy high-end Mercedes cars with leather seats and air conditioning as well as many other features.

Limassol taxi: Vineyards of Cyprus

Get a personal excursion in a taxi in Limassol

Some people do not like sharing personal space with others. For such clients, a taxi in Limassol will be an excellent opportunity to experience the exclusivity of special custom excursions. You can choose your own route and spend the whole trip together with your loved ones and no one else. Assistants and drivers will help you create an optimal route across all significant cultural landmarks and, of course, wineries.

Safety and punctuality of a taxi Lemesos service

When it comes to being right on time and providing the safest rides to customers, a taxi Lemesos service is at the top of the local transportation industry. The main priority is the safety of clients and the highest level of service depending on your preferences. You can choose from multiple levels of comfort and select additional options to adjust the comfort of the ride to your liking. We have licenses and insurance to further improve your experience.

Taxi Limassol service clients ask questions

There is a lot to learn about the wine industry in Cyprus. While we cannot fully cover all the nuances of it, there are some questions that we can answer. Below are several questions frequently asked by Limassol taxi service clients.

What is the best wine tasting tour when traveling in Cyprus in a Limassol taxi?

There are several great places to visit. We covered some of them above. However, you can create your own route and include other wineries such as Kolios, Linos, Vasa, and Shoufas wineries which are also quite interesting and offer wine tasting tours. You can order a Limassol taxi ride and specify the locations you want to visit.

What are the cheapest wine tasting tour options for Limassol taxi clients?

It highly depends on the route structure and admission ticket prices in each of the wineries you choose. It is a good idea to group wineries you need to visit by destination. Some of them are in Paphos and some are to the north of Limassol. Generally, traveling to nearby places is cheaper. Taxi in Limassol can get to the Koilani village where several wineries are in about 40 minutes.

When is the best time to taste Cyprus wines?

Our clients often ask when the best time to come to Cyprus is. For those who like Limassol and love coming to the island regularly, the best time is the end of August when the annual Wine Festival takes place. Order a taxi Lemesos service to accompany you during the festival and travel to various destinations!

Why do Limassol taxi clients think that Cypriot wine is the best in the world?

Some historians believe that Cyprus has been a wine-producing nation for over 6 thousand years. The traditions of some families are centuries-old. Local wines are made of grapes that are raised under the generous sun of the Mediterranean region. It is the best place to experience traditional wines and the Limassol taxi service is a great solution.

How to order a Limassol taxi for a Cyprus wine tour?

Call us, write to us in messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or leave a message on the website. You can also send us an email. We will gladly help you create a good route that will take you to multiple wineries worthy of visiting. You will love visiting wineries in a Limassol taxi ride.



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