Wines of Cyprus



Join the Revolution

It was with Cyprus’ reputation as a bulk wine specialist in mind that I approached my five-day trip to Aphrodite’s island with a touch of apprehension about what lay ahead of me. At this stage I should point out that any lingering misgivings I had about finding only lacklustre fruitless wines dressed up behind...... More


A New Era for Cyprus

The Cyprus wine industry has reached a turning point. On the one hand, EU membership has seen the loss of substantial subsidies for wine exports. This brought to an end the shipments of vast quantities of bulk wine that...... More


Vinous Treasure Island

With an abundance of rare, indigenous grape varieties, favourable climate, and eclectic range of terroirs, combined with modern viticultural methods, Cyprus can compete in the global wine-producing marketplace. Cyprus ticks all the boxes in an age when wine drinkers are looking for authenticity and a sense of...... More





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